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If you are an injured veteran of the United States Forces, it is likely that you are eligible for disability benefits. As a matter of fact, all honorably discharged veterans are entitled to benefits. The degree of benefits is ultimately determined by the extent of injury or illness suffered due to the injured person’s military service. Even if a veteran does not experience the effects of illness or injury until after their time of service, they may still be entitled to benefits. These disability benefits can be a financial lifesaver. Yet, the application process is difficult and lengthy. Additionally, if your claim was denied, appealing your claim is even more complex! Fortunately, however, upon a denial of your claim, you are then entitled to an attorney to assist you in the appeal process.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this and hire an experienced attorney. Doing so will great improve your chances of a successful appeal. The benefits lawyers at Marlin Law have the experience and skill needed to aggressively take on your appeal. Our lawyers represent injured soldiers throughout southeast Pennsylvania, with several offices in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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The Appeal of your Disability Case

If your initial claim for benefits was denied, and if you disagree with said decision, the first step in the appeals process is to file a Notice of Disagreement (“NOD”) Form. However, please be advised that you must act fast here. The NOD Form must be filed within one year of when you received your denial letter. On your denial letter there are instructions on how to file this NOD Form. Furthermore, in regards to your NOD Form, it is not necessary to go into great detail as to why you disagree with the denial. There is a specific time and place for your reasoning. The purpose of the NOD is to preserve your right to appeal any errors in the VA’s denial decision. Be sure to include all issues in the NOD form; do not leave any out. Your NOD form should be very general and cover all issues that may exist in the denial decision. For instance, to make it easy, you can simply put in the NOD form that you disagree with all the decisions in the denial letter and that you intend to appeal such decisions.

From here, after you file your NOD form, the nearest VA Office will begin their review of your file. Following the VA Office’s review, they will mail you a letter, named a Statement of the Case (“SOC”). The SOC indicates why your claim was denied. Next, for the third step, you may now file a Substantive Appeal (VA Form 9) if you disagree with the SOC. In doing this, your claim is appealed to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Please be aware that you only have one year from the original denial letter or 60 days from receiving the SOC letter; whichever is later. Additional instructions on this step are located on your SOC. Please also note that this Form, VA Form 9, is very difficult to fill out. For an ease of mind, it is important to retain an experienced disabilities attorney.

Finally, once you file your Substantive Appeal, your local VA Office will transfer your appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals for their decision.


Understanding Veterans’ Disability – Take Action

Again, applying for military veterans disability benefits tends to be a lengthy and frustrating process. No attorney can speed things up, but a VA-certified veterans disability lawyer from Martin Law can see to it that needless errors are avoided and veterans receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Speak with a Martin attorney about the benefits you deserve. Call 215-587-8400 to set up a FREE consultation.

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