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Settlements shouldn’t mean settling for less.

In a settlement, the insurance company and their attorneys are looking out for their own interests. When a Martin attorney is on the case, they view the situation through a very different lens. They know that our clients won’t be taken advantage of.

They are also well aware that we know what we’re doing, are very good at it and always put the interests of our clients first. For our clients, this typically means that we can arrive at the right settlement much sooner. More than a third of our referrals come by way of the workers we’ve represented, showing our retention rate.

Martin attorneys will help you weigh your options.

In Pennsylvania, injured workers with a lasting impairment can negotiate a lump-sum settlement that includes recovery of unreimbursed medical expenses and other disputed amounts, instead of receiving weekly benefit payments. The process requires detailed consideration by the claimant before making a decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to lump sum settlements. Martin attorneys will help you weigh your options.

Is a lump sum settlement right for you?

Frequently, insurers will offer a workers’ compensation settlement because they want to bring clarity and closure to a situation that represents a big unknown—what the case is going to cost them.

Accepting a lump sum payment means that weekly checks will be replaced by one final payment. There are a number of questions injured workers should ask themselves before deciding on a lump sum settlement, including:

  • Will I regain my health?
  • Will I be able to return to work?
  • How long is my case likely to be in dispute?
  • What is the amount of benefits left on my claim?
  • Would I be eligible for further benefits?
  • Will my condition deteriorate over time?

The answers to these questions will help to determine the best course of action, but they aren’t always easy to find without the help of an attorney. Martin attorneys will call upon their experience, taking all considerations into account to arrive at the best decision.

Recent Settlements

The attorneys at Martin Law have helped thousands of injured workers with important decisions in the settlement process, and have helped them recover lost wages and compensation for their injuries.

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  • Award Total
$3,200,000 Cervical fracture and arterial dissection Automotive Technician
$550,000 Crushed right ankle and foot Electrician
$500,000 Suffered stroke Union Carpenter
$478,000 Death in motor vehicle accident Truck Driver
$403,000 Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome Printing Press Operator
$375,000 Low back Mover
$248,000 Right knee meniscal tear Union Laborer
$241,000 Low back and knee Electrician
$240,000 Low back Businessman
$240,000 Low back Claims Representative
$237,000 Lumbar sprain Truck Driver
$235,000 Head and neck injuries Ironworker
$230,000 Cervical and thoracic spine injuries Nurse
$230,000 Herniated disc Electrician
$230,000 Herniated disc Furniture Mover
$210,000 Death Claim Widow of Truck Driver
$210,000 Facial Scarring Laborer
$210,000 Herniated disc Union Packer
$203,000 Lower back injury and skull fracture Construction Worker
$203,000 Partial Paraplegia Carpenter
$200,000 Back and knee injuries Concrete Worker
$195,000 Knee ligament injury Carpenter
$195,000 Shoulder injury Truck Driver
$190,000 Knee sprain and oblique tear Quarry Mechanic
$190,000 Low back injury Police Officer
$180,000 Shoulder and back injuries Ultrasound Technician
$177,000 Paraplegia Camp Counseler
$175,000 Neck, shoulder and hand injuries Cable Installer
$165,000 Knee injury Floor Layer
$160,000 Multiple injuries Construction Project Manager
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Awards & Accomplishments

The workers' compensation attorneys at Martin Law have received numerous honors and awards—from other lawyers, neutral third-party publications and trusted consumer organizations. The achievement we are most proud of is simply being able to help the many decent, hardworking people who have suffered the misfortune of a work injury.